Technically speaking

Your future snowshoes merge agelong Norwegian winter heritage with well proven high-tech.

Fimbulvetr is made from Dupont™ Hytrel®, a thermoplastic elastomer commonly applied in car engines and shock absorbers. We couldn't find a stronger, more durable material on the planet, with better thermoplastic properties. Of course it´s fully recyclable. Through 3D-modelling we explore double curved surfaces, which provide structural stiffness with minimal material usage.

Each snowshoe is accurately molded into an asymmetric, lightweight unibody. Flexibility is governed by basic geometric principles - thickness and shape. The honeycomb pattern grants maximum torsional strength and floatation. In our ergonomical, patented all direction hinge, we use a waveformed compliant mechanism to achieve smooth, multi-directional weight and force distribution. Ready for millions of cycles and hard impact over a wide temperature range. It all means that you can move like never before on snow.